4 Saturdays course

4 Saturdays course

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9-30 June

10.30 - 5.30

(28 hours in total)

Discovering the ceramic surface - underglaze decorative techniques


This course is suitable for beginners or intermediate who are keen to enrich their surface decoration knowledge, improve existing skills and work on individual projects. Please note that you will need to have your personal ideas that you wish to develop. We will be exploring more advanced decorating techniques. 

This course is excellent but not restricted to already practising creatives; illustrators, graphic designers,  or painters wanting to explore clay. 

Please before you book email me to discuss your existing knowledge of ceramics.


age category 18+

group of 3 

Good level of physical ability is required. If you have any mobility issues or pains please contact me before you book. Unfortunately my studio is not equipped to accommodate wheelchair access. Also I will need to know about any skin allergies. 


You will develop excellent practical and technical skills in an informal, creative, and positive working studio environment. You will be encouraged to use chosen techniques for more advanced pieces of your own. There will be plenty of time to explore and work out what works for you. Due to a small class I will be available to offer personal guidance throughout the day. This course covers constructing and underglaze decorating techniques in depth.

Prior to our first day I will set action points for you to research. These will be quick actions. I have a great library of books and a catalogue of ceramic and craft magazines that you will be able to borrow. You will be expected to have a sketchbook. This will help you to focus and me to tailor your experience.

During the studio days you will have a technical demonstration of techniques and process followed by working on individual projects.



*hand building

*surface decoration




*technical abilities


*personal projects



Constructing: pinching, coiling, slab building, press moulding. Please note that throwing on potters wheel is not taught on this course. If you wish to learn how to throw I run 1 to 1 throwing classes. 

Decorating: slip painting, slip trailing, sgraffito, inlay, stencil, incisions, ceramic underglazes, underglaze pencils, wax crayon

This includes; 

Clay - there is a choice of professional red clay or white clay. These have been selected due to their durability, strength, crack and warping resistance. 

Glaze - Gloss transparent fired at 1180 C. This is a durable glaze great for enhancing colour.

All Firings

Use of drawing/painting inks of the ceramic world

Decorative slip 



Coraline wax crayons

Underglaze pencils

Nano Underglaze

Coffee, tea, cakes

Wine (last Saturday afternoon only)

All Personal Protection Equipment is provided  (gloves, apron, mask,towel)

Lunch is not included. I can recommend great local delis and cafes.


Course must be booked and fee paid in full. If you wish to cancel after full payment has been received, I will need minimum 10 working days notification prior to the beginning of the first studio day to refund the full price. If you need to cancel after the cancelation period I will make every effort to find a replacement. If no replacement has been found you will be refunded 40% of the full price. No refunds will be available if you fail to attend. There will be no option to repeat missed demonstration however I will make any reasonable effort to bring you up to speed without affecting attendees.  If for any reason I am unable to run the course you will be refunded in full.


SATURDAY 1       


10.30 Coffee, tea, chat and Health and Safety induction 

10.45 Hand building techniques demonstration.   These will be tailored to your ideas.

13:00 Lunch

13.45 Technical practice ‘Finding out what works for you’

15.45 Coffee, tea  and a cake break

16.00 Preparing for your project 1 to 1 'Action points'

17.00 Finishing

17.30 Departure

Pieces made on this day will be fired so you can practice underglaze surface decoration on bisque fired ware.



10.30 Coffee, tea, chat

10.45 Surface decoration demonstration 

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Technical practice ‘Exploring surface’ on  wet tiles and bisque ware

15.45 Coffee, tea  and a cake break

16.00 Preparing for surface decoration 1 to 1 advice ‘Action points'

17.00 Finishing

17.30 Departure


‘Constructing & decorating on wet clay, final pieces'                                                                                                     

10.30 Arrival coffee, tea, chat

10.45 Working on individual projects with my assistance

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Working on individual projects with my assistance

15.45 Coffee, tea  and a cake break

16.00 Preparing for glazing 1 to 1 advice ‘Action points'      

17.00 Finishing

17.30 Departure


‘Decorating on bisque ware, glazing, finishing’     

10.30 Arrival coffee, tea, chat

10.45 Introduction to glazing and demonstration

12.00 Practice glazing on tiles 

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Finishing and glazing of final pieces

15.30 Coffee, tea, wine and a cake break

16.30 Loading the kiln, firing and finishing of fired clay

17.00 Finishing 

17.30 Departure

Please note that the afternoon coffee/tea break is optional. It doesn’t mean that you have to stop working. You are more than welcome to carry on while you are having your drink.

The timetable is for guidance only. Departure time is 17.30 pm.

Work will be fired and ready for collection within 10 days. For an additional postage fee I’m happy to pack and post it to you.

Anyone that attends this course will be able to book a drop in studio sessions that will be run from August. Please note that production making will not be possible during these drop in days.